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  • Wakesurf Fans

    We confess, at Martiners Boats we are fans of wakesurf, many confuse it with wakeboarding, but there is a big difference. Here the surfer uses the waves of the boat wake to slide, instead of being pulled by a rope. Although wakesurfing may seem similar to wakeboarding, the only similarity is that you use a board. The Wakesurfers climb the board instead... View Article

  • Sa Dragonera, our origin

    Sa Dragonera Natural Park, a jewel of biodiversity. Sa Dragonera is a telluric place for many of us, we feel inspired looking this island from Sant Elm coast and even more from the sea, when the sun goes down, disappearing day after day in the water behind this small and magical island. But it’s also a fundamental enclave for the... View Article

  • A lot to discover, Do you want to come with us?

    Welcome to our Travelog section! Here you can follow some of our adventures on board. We will show you our beloved environment, explain stories about it, and a lot of things of what we are so passionate: the sea! “Isn’t He lovely?” Álex, our CEO, looked like this when he was a boy spending summers at sea. We are in... View Article