Wakesurf Fans

We confess, at Martiners Boats we are fans of wakesurf, many confuse it with wakeboarding, but there is a big difference. Here the surfer uses the waves of the boat wake to slide, instead of being pulled by a rope.

Although wakesurfing may seem similar to wakeboarding, the only similarity is that you use a board. The Wakesurfers climb the board instead of being subject to it, and they stay only about 3 meters from the boat after releasing the rope.

It can be a family sport, for friends, for children and adults… affordable for people of very different abilities. As soon as you get up, you can’t stop. Because the feeling of gliding gently on the water, with the only impulse of the wave that the boat “makes” for you is almost indescribable. You feel free, in contact with nature and happy.

We like to practice Wakesurfing early in the morning or during the sunset, when there are many less boats sailing. And because they are usually hours of sea calm, because here, in Mallorca, we practice it in the sea, in our wonderful Mare Nostrum. This is not exactly the same as in a lake of calm waters, as the people practice in many other places in the world. But in summer, in Majorca, we enjoy many days of good state of the sea, this is why we practice it almost every day.

We hope many of you try it, because we think that this fresh and expanding sport can captivate you.

Wakesurfing is growing because it is sailing significantly slower than wakeboarding, and the risks of hitting or injuring are minimal.

As sport, wakesurf gain followers every day and that is why boat manufacturers have taken note. If you are not yet familiar with the subject, we will tell you that our Mastercraft is a leading brand in the practice of this sport. In addition, in our case, it’s a very versatile and advanced type, a comfortable and safe boat to sail, with mechanized flaps to create waves for surfers. When companies start selling high-end boats for wakesurfers … we can assume that it is a rising sport!

Do you come to surf with us?