Terms and Conditions

Here we will explain in a general way what conditions govern the rental of a boat in the Martiners Boats fleet, answering a series of frequently asked questions by our customers.

In case of rentals without a skipper arise more doubts than in the rest of the services we offer: rentals with a skipper, guided excursions or watersports sessions, because having a member of Martiners Boats on board you can relax even more.

In any case, if you can’t find the information you are looking for in this section, do not hesitate to contact us and ask. Life is full of exceptions!

  • Booking of a boat rental, how it works? expand_moreexpand_less

    Select the boat that you are interested in, search its availability on the calendar and choose the option that you prefer. We generally offer different timetables options for the same day.

    If you want to formalize a booking, you must pay it online through the secure payment gateway with a credit card, so you can save the date. Once the payment has been completed, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your booking.

    Unless we indicate the opposite in the service you are going to hire, the rental price of a boat does not include fuel.

  • How much is the fuel? expand_moreexpand_less

    The fuel consumption of a boat, like that of any motor vehicle, is variable. In this case, it will depend on the state of the sea, the load of the ship (number of people on board) and obviously, the ridding time and the speed we reach.

    For this reason, we adjust the price of our rentals and leave in your hand the fuel spending that you can or want to assume. In rentals without a professional skipper, in general, the boat is delivered with a full tank and must be returned in the same way, although it is a detail that you can review and we will explain you during check-in. If you are left adrift due to lack of fuel, which we do not recommend for your safety, it will be your responsibility, you must to pay the costs that this causes.

    In any case, if you want to know in advance an estimate of consumption for each option, check the information described in the boat characteristics section.

  • What is the security deposit, or bond? Is it obligatory? expand_moreexpand_less

    Yes, in the case of “rent without skipper” you must pay a security deposit at the check-in, to assume the responsibilities that you may cause during the boat rental. The quantities are specified in the boat characteristics section. You can pay the amount in cash, transfer prior to boarding or through credit card. It will be returned to you as soon as possible, after checking that there are no responsibilities, after reviewing the boat at check-out.

    As a tenant, you will have to respond to breakdowns, damages, flaws and losses produced, excluding deterioration due to normal use of the boat and its equipment. The boat must be returned with a full fuel tank, or in the same condition of the check-in, otherwise the filling costs will also be deducted from the security deposit.

    In any case, if you fail to pay the agreed price or the security deposit in the agreed terms and deadlines, you infringe the contract and no refund will be made.

  • To rent a boat without hiring a skipper, what license we need? expand_moreexpand_less

    It depends on the boat, according to current Spanish legislation. On our page, it is specified in the characteristics section of each boat.
    There are license free boats, license required boats and professional skipper hiring options. Whether you have a navigation license or not, we will always have a good offer for you.

    In any case, we may deny the rental at the check-in if the skipper lacks sufficient knowledge, qualifications or experience to safely carry out the boat government. And it will not be a justified reason for cancellation of the reservation by the tenant.

    If you pay for the reservation, you are declaring that you understand the requirements and you are accepting their conditions.

  • Can I cancel my booking free of charge? expand_moreexpand_less

    To request a refund of the amount paid to booking, only the following causes will be considered justified cancellations:

    When you request cancellation at least 30 days in advance.
    When it’s impossible for you to attend due to force majeure, now we already have experience in closing countries due to a pandemic!
    When, before check-in, the bad weather forecast advises against navigation for safety reasons.
    When, through no fault of our own, we cannot deliver the boat to you at check-in or start the departure at the contracted time.
    Despite the difficulties, if you are still interested, we can always look for another date and if we can’t fix the agenda, we make the refund of the prepaid amount.

    In no case the customer is entitled to compensation for cancellation.

  • Does the boat have insurance? expand_moreexpand_less

    Of course! the boats also meet all the requirements set by the nautical legislation for responsible charters.

    Martiners Boats has insured boats under the conditions that you can review in the rental contract.

    Activities carried out offboard are excluded, such as those that involve the dragging of devices such as bananas, donuts, pneumatic wheels, parasailing and other related activities.

    Beyond the coverage of the insurance, the tenant will be respond directly for any liabilities that may occur due to breach of the contract while the boat is in his possession. The tenant will respond jointly with the skipper designated by him, for the actions of irresponsibility that he may incur. The tenant will respond directly to the claims that any third party may formulate against him, releasing the lessor from all kinds of responsibility.

  • What happens if I return the boat later than the scheduled time? expand_moreexpand_less

    First of all, ask us, at check-in we will have provided you our support contact information, and maybe we can adapt.

    But never without prior notice or agreement by our part. You have to think that you may be spoiling holidays to another people like you, who has made a booking complying with all the rules. By default, returning late the boat has a cost.

    Late arrival at port for the check-out implies an increase of 15% of the rental price per overtime, or its proportional part. In any case, whatever the cause of the delay in the return (or return in a place other than the one agreed), the tenant will be liable for the expenses, damages and losses that arise for the lessor and for the following tenants that have not been able to check-in at the boat on the scheduled date or time.

  • Do we have navigation limits? expand_moreexpand_less

    The answer is yes.

    We rent boats only for private cruises, during the day, and for the scheduled time, you will hardly be able to get too far from the area. It’s impossible to navigate to another island or the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, if you don’t have a professional navigation license, you cannot legally move away from the coast. In any case, we assure you that this is not an inconvenience to spend a great day, because the area around the Santa Ponça Yacht Club is spectacular: you can visit natural reserves and beautiful enclaves. We recommend you visit the Illes Malgrats or Sa Dragonera.

    The rented boat can only navigate at the maximum distance set by the current certificate of navigability of the vessel itself, or the tenant’s title if it’s more restrictive. Navigation by sea is limited to jurisdictional waters of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Any extension to the previous navigation limits will require written authorization.

    Our company policy, regarding the rental of our fleet, prohibits: any commercial activity, regattas, subleasing or assignment to a third party, as well as exceeding the authorized places. You must use the boat with the diligence of a good navigator, respecting the navigation and environmental protection regulations, responding for any breach. Likewise, you will have to stay or go to the port in case of a meteorological report with a warning of danger, and not to leave the boat without adequate surveillance on board and inform us of any eventuality. All common sense!